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SOBERCULIOUS:The same is true of "abstinence from alcohol": you forget how hot it is when you get sick.


You cannot realize how much you appreciate your health until you become ill.

When you are tormented by fever or abdominal pain, you may think, "I will definitely maintain a healthy lifestyle once this disease is cured," but when the disease is gone, you revert to your old

lifestyle pattern. Most of us are probably back to our old ways in terms of eating habits and sleeping hours.

The same is true with sobriety. Once you start sobriety, your health improves dramatically. You will be able to get quality sleep, and you will no longer feel tired. You will have a better appetite, enjoy

better food, and your skin will look better. Those who experience these things say, "I didn't know sobriety could be so wonderful. I will never drink alcohol again." I will never drink again.

But people get used to it.

"Since I feel so good, it's okay if I drink a little."

"I've successfully gotten sober once, so there's no way I'm going to drink continuously like I used to."

(Watching the commercials) "I wish I could taste that exhilarating feeling again..."

By taking good physical condition for granted, we forget how much alcohol has negatively affected our bodies in the past. As a result, many people end up resuming their drinking. Since many people

who have been sober have always had a drinking problem, once they resume drinking, it is difficult for them to get sober again. They fall into a cycle of drinking every night and then getting up in the

morning in terrible physical condition.

The best way to deal with alcohol is to abstain from drinking. Among drinkers, it is often thought that staying sober is something that only the strong-willed can do, but this is not the case. All you need

to do to start sobriety is to say, "I'm going to quit drinking!" but what is needed to stay sober is imagination.

If you can imagine the benefits of staying sober and the disadvantages of resuming drinking, staying sober is not difficult.

The only way to acquire this imagination is to get sober anyway and experience the recovery of one's physical condition.

If you have even the slightest desire to quit drinking, why not start sobriety today?

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