[Sober Curious] If you want to make more money, stop drinking.


Do you drink alcohol? I drank beer for the first time at a welcome party for new students in college and have been drinking almost every day for the past 25 years. However, I started drinking less when I turned 45, and have hardly had a drink since I turned 46. If I do drink, it is less than five days a year.

The basic premise of increasing money is to eliminate waste. Tobacco, alcohol, and other tobacco products are, to put it bluntly, a waste of money. Even if there are some benefits, there are too many wasteful elements. I have never smoked cigarettes, so I would like to explain the disadvantages of alcohol.

Alcohol is economically wasteful

Alcoholic beverages are economically wasteful. Drinking alcohol costs money. Even if you just buy it at a supermarket or convenience store and drink it, you will be charged liquor tax. If you go to a drinking party, it will cost you 3,000 yen no matter how cheap it is. If you go to a restaurant and order alcohol, it will cost you about 500 yen per drink. You may not think about it, but drinking sake outside is quite expensive. 500 yen is the equivalent of one inexpensive lunch. It is nothing but a waste of money to spend that much on a liquid that does not nourish, fill the stomach, or quench the thirst. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can be satisfied with a slightly extravagant meal for about 2,000 yen. Drinking alcohol makes you think less, so you don’t think about money as much, but in fact, you are wasting a lot of money. When the new Corona epidemic broke out, the serving of alcohol in restaurants was restricted. Restaurant operators made a big deal about it as a matter of life and death, but do you know why? Because alcohol is so profitable. Drinkers are willing to pay a premium for alcohol. And once the customers are drunk, their wallets are loosened and they order more and more drinks and food, which is what the restaurants hope for. If they are sober, they will stop ordering when they are full. A drunk will order more drinks and snacks than he can eat. There is no such waste.

Alcoholic beverages are a healthy waste.

Alcoholic beverages are a healthy waste. People who are in favor of drinking often say that “moderate drinking is good for your health,” but is this really true? We hear that alcohol improves blood circulation, but if you want to improve blood circulation, you can take a bath or sauna or do light exercise such as walking. It does not mean that you are harming your health if you do not drink at least a little. Rather, because alcohol cannot be stopped in moderation, it causes various health problems such as addiction, diabetes, internal organ disease, and loss of brain function. Of course, treatment costs money. Often beer makers run health food commercials on TV, don’t they? If they are so concerned about the health of their viewers, they should just stop selling alcohol. It is the ultimate match pump to sell supplements to maintain a healthy body while letting people drink alcohol and harm their health. If you care so much about your health, just don’t drink alcohol. You don’t need the money to buy health supplements.

Alcohol is a waste of time.

Alcohol is a waste of time. Yes, it is true that drinking alcohol lifts your spirits and makes you feel like you are having a good time. But that might have been more enjoyable if we had not drunk alcohol and were not drunk. Drinking alcohol makes our memories fuzzy. Even if you have a drink with friends you haven’t seen in a long time and talk about the old days, the next day you don’t really remember what you talked about. You just feel like you had a good time, but in the end, you have wasted precious time because of alcohol. During the time you are intoxicated by alcohol, your brain functions are impaired and you cannot do anything. It is a time when you are a clunker and useless, so to speak. Moreover, even after you sober up, your physical condition does not immediately return to normal. You may feel nauseous or have a headache, and it takes time to return to your original state of health. The time between drinking alcohol, sobering up, and returning to one’s original state of health is wasted. It is said that a person can live for about 27,500 days; once you drink alcohol, those days are consumed in vain. When we are young, we may have had a drink the night before and feel fine the next day, but as we get older, it takes us longer to recover from alcohol. Proportionately, the remaining time in your life becomes less and less. You have only about 1,000 days of life left, and you waste 2~3 days because of drinking. What if you did not drink? With a clear mind and in good physical condition, you could spend your time on hobbies, studying, watching movies, reading books, or going out with your family. There is a huge difference in life satisfaction between spending precious time of your limited life willingly drinking and getting sick and then spending that time recovering, and spending that time doing the things you want to do and having a good time.

SoberCurious is the only way to go.

The purpose of this channel is to make more money, but more important than money is time. Since alcohol is by far the biggest waste of money and time, I can’t think of any other option but to stop. Money can be spent and then increased, but time cannot be undone. You don’t want to be on the verge of bereavement and think, “I wish I hadn’t drank so much when I was younger. It is not too late. If you quit drinking today, you can avoid the losses caused by alcohol in your future life. Quitting drinking will not directly increase your money, but by reducing waste, you will end up with more money on hand. If this is the case, you have no choice but to stop drinking.

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