CFD stock index trade 2018/11/1

投稿日:2018年11月1日 更新日:

Hello everyone, this is the director’s KMA

The transaction of yesterday was as follows


Nikkei 225

After losing the selling position by the 11/1 Tokyo market closing, we will position the buying position


Germany DAX 30

After losing sales position with 10/31 European market collapse, the position to buy


US S & P 500

After losing the selling position on 10/31’s US marketplace, the position to buy


Yesterday we all bought losing & buying duten

Judging the eyes from the price movements in the European market, all stock indices are buying

Well then, have a nice trade today!







動画解説 株価指数CFDトレード(S&P500) DAX30の値動き 日付け 終値 2021年03月17日 14,596.61 2021年03月16日 14,557.58 S&P500 …

no image

CFD stock index trade 2018/11/1

Good morning everyone, Kama is the director The transaction of 11/1 became the following movement Ni …

no image


株価指数トレード(SIT)の最重要ポイントは、 世界の株価指数は相互に連動している、という点です 簡単に言えば、 「円安ドル高になれば日経平均が上がる」 みたいな しかし、これだけではうまくいかないん …

Even the weak in Europe, the US is solid! Expected to rise after employment statistics! CFD stock index trading 20190607

About yesterday’s trade and buying and selling line judgment The Dow averaged $ 181.09, 25720. …


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