Minimalism: Your money is going down the drain! What you should not do to save money


There are many times when you think you are saving money in an attempt to make more money, but in fact you are losing money. In this article, I would like to talk about some of my mistakes and tell you what you should never do to save money that can actually cause you to lose money.

The first is “saving to the detriment of your health. That means eating less or not using air conditioning. You don’t have to binge eat, but on the other hand, you also shouldn’t restrict your diet to the point where you are eating less calories than you need to live. The reason is simply that it is unhealthy not only for your body but also for your mind. Also, do not use air conditioning in the middle of summer or winter. It is life-threatening. You will not save much money at the expense of your comfort. If you get sick, the medical bills will cost you even more. Health is the most important thing in life, along with time. Never sacrifice your health to save money.

The second is to save small amounts of money. As the saying goes, “Dust makes the world a better place. Using the leftover water from the bathtub for washing clothes, putting plastic bottles in the toilet tank to reduce the amount of water flushed down the toilet, visiting supermarkets to shop at stores that are even one yen cheaper, choosing stores that give points for purchases, and so on. However, even with all of these money-saving techniques, you will not be able to save even 10,000 yen per month. The profit is small compared to the effort it takes. It is much more effective to hold off on large purchases than to accumulate small savings. If you choose a compact car instead of a large minivan when buying a new car, you can save 2,000,000 yen at the time of purchase, and maintenance costs will also be much lower. It is better to review your monthly fixed costs than to be pumped into saving a small amount of money. Reviewing your fixed costs will result in ongoing savings of several hundred to several thousand yen.

The third is to save on intellectual property. This means that you should not hold back on the books you want to read, the movies you want to see, and the things you want to learn and experience. The less knowledge and skills you gain, the more you lose. The more knowledge and skills you have, the broader your horizons and the more likely you are to use them to generate new profits. It is quite possible to lose more money than you save by skimping on the price of learning and experience. Saving on knowledge is a major lost opportunity. Be careful not to fall for shady information products or seminars, but don’t skimp on money when it comes to acquiring knowledge and skills. If you do not have the evil intention of making money by having fun, you will not be cheated.

The fourth is saving for experience. People can only feel the joy of buying something for a moment, but they will never forget the memory of the experience. Experience is worth more than money. Sure, some experiences may be wasted, but a trip, a dinner with family, or a get-together with good friends is not something that should be held back for the sake of money. Experiences are valuable assets to you. This is something that cannot be replaced by money. If you save for experience, you will miss out on opportunities to enrich your life. Balance is important, but do not be too stingy with money for experiences that provide learning and memories.

Fifth, save for family and friends. Do not save money related to gatherings, weddings, and funerals with family and friends. Good relationships are important to a happy life. Saving at the expense of your relationships will keep you from happiness. Saving money only for yourself will not make you happy. In fact, you will be happier if you use your money to help others. You cannot value all relationships equally, but you should spend money on your family, loved ones, and important friends with the intention of giving back to them what you have gained.

Saving money can lead to a more relaxed mind and increase happiness, but it can also decrease happiness if you save money that you should not. But be careful not to save money that you shouldn’t, as it can lead to lost money, lost opportunities, and damaged good relationships. To make money grow, it is important to save money as well as to spend it well. If you can use your money in a good way, you can increase your money while living a happy life.

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