[minimalism] Nighttime Habits for More Money


A large part of one’s life is determined by one’s habits. In this article, I will discuss some nighttime habits that will help your savings grow quickly.

The 1st habit

First, go home as soon as possible after work. The reason for this is to avoid stress. Stress increases your expenses. You may end up drinking more alcohol, smoking more cigarettes, or making unnecessary purchases as a reward for yourself. It is reasonable to think that working overtime will help you avoid spending money, but when you work overtime, you lose time. Since time affects our happiness more than money, we feel happier when we have more free time than when we earn a little more money by working overtime. Longer working hours also make it easier to harm one’s health. People who work too many hours are more likely to suffer from health problems, such as physical damage due to overwork or depression from working too much. This leads to a vicious cycle where you not only lose your job and income, but also have to spend more money for medical treatment. Overworking is a vice that robs you of time, health, and money. Make it a habit to get work done quickly and go home early!

The 2nd Habit

The second nighttime habit that will increase your money is to avoid making detours. When you leave the office after work, go straight home unless you have other plans. If you make a detour, you will lose your money. You will end up shopping at a store you casually stop by. If you stop at a pachinko parlor, you will lose time and money in no time. Be especially careful at convenience stores. Even if it is a small expense per visit, it can add up to several tens of thousands of yen per month. If you feel stressed out if you don’t make a side trip, make a rule that you will go to a candy store on Fridays to buy sweets.

The 3rd habit

The third nighttime habit that will increase your money is to cook for yourself. The advantage of cooking for yourself is that it is inexpensive and nutritious. If you buy a bento lunch box, it will cost you 500 to 800 yen per meal. If you eat out, it will cost you more than 1,000 yen per meal. If you cook for yourself, you can fill your stomach for only 300 yen per meal. In my case, I eat brown rice, kimchi, natto (fermented soybeans), raw eggs, and bean sprouts as a basic meal, and I also have canned retort-packed curry, furikake, and jarred rice snacks to make up my daily meals. When I am hungry at night, I eat oatmeal with soy milk. I buy the same ingredients when I run out, so I don’t waste money on unnecessary purchases. Eating a simple meal every day makes the occasional meal out or a meal with the family seem luxurious.

The 4th habit

The fourth nighttime habit that will help you make more money is to make time to relax. Relaxation is very important. The reason for this is to relieve fatigue. Rest is necessary for good health. Rest is also essential for quality work. If you do not rest well and get tired, you will run out of gas someday. Studying and improving your skills are important to improve your abilities and increase your income, but if you work too hard and harm your health, you will never get well. Make time to relax every day. Make time to relax every day and maintain your health.

The 5th Habit

The fifth nighttime habit that will help you make more money is to keep a diary. Diaries can be a great stress reliever, but an even greater benefit is that you can notice the little things that make you happy.
But an even bigger benefit is that you can notice the little things that make you happy. If you fail to notice the small things that make you happy, you will start comparing yourself to others and will only seek “happiness” that costs money. They buy brand-name clothes, bags, and luxury cars, live in expensive apartments, and travel to Europe even though they have no interest in doing so. This kind of costly happiness does not last as long as the money spent on it. That is why it is very important to keep a daily diary and appreciate the small happiness around you. There are many small happinesses in our daily lives that we are unaware of. By writing in writing, you can become more sensitive to these small happinesses. You will be less likely to compare yourself with others, and your feelings will be enriched. If you find it difficult to write in a notebook, you can use social networking services such as twitter or instagram. To increase money, it is very important to “know enough. When you are mentally satisfied, you will be relaxed and your savings will increase.

This is nothing new, but it is what habits are all about. By continuing to do the things we take for granted, we can become mentally and financially richer.
















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