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Minimalism:This is the kind of person who should buy a Roomba. Advantages and disadvantages of Roomba.


Roomba. It is the pioneer of the household robot vacuum cleaner, which is now by no means a rarity. Although the Roomba is advertised in commercials and on TV and radio shopping programs as if it were a natural thing to have, you should carefully consider whether you really need one before you buy one. If a person who doesn't need a Roomba inadvertently buys one, it will turn into a giant paperweight sitting on the floor.

The people who need Roomba are those who meet the following conditions

  • Families where all family members work. Or people who live and work alone.
  • People who live in a room with a one-bedroom layout or larger.
  • People who do not keep things on the floor.

Conversely, if a person does not meet these conditions, it makes no sense to buy a Roomba and may even be disadvantageous.

Roomba is an appliance for people who do not have time to clean the floors of their homes, so it is not necessary for people who spend a lot of time at home and have time to clean. people who live in houses with small floor plans such as 1R, it is faster and more efficient to clean the floors by themselves than to have Roomba clean them It is faster and more efficient. Also, Roomba cleans while avoiding objects on the floor, but it does not clean by moving things off the floor, so it cannot adequately clean in a room with a lot of things on the floor. People who think of having Roomba clean are often too lazy to bother, and such people are usually not tidy. They can't even be bothered to do things like raise a chair above the table or move things around on the floor so that the Roomba can work well enough. As a result, although they try to get Roomba to clean for about a week after they buy it, eventually, even starting Roomba becomes a chore.

Moreover, Roomba can only clean the floor. It cannot clean the dust that accumulates between the refrigerator and the wall. It can't even remove air from a futon compression bag, so you end up needing a regular vacuum cleaner. Most households that buy a Roomba end up with two machines: a Roomba and a regular vacuum cleaner. Since the Roomba needs to be constantly recharged, it cannot be stored in a closet like a vacuum cleaner. The Roomba needs to be charged all the time, so it can't be stored in a closet like a vacuum cleaner. This is quite an eyesore.

The Roomba also requires a lot of maintenance. It requires frequent dusting and the removal of dust and hair from the brushes. Since it runs on battery power, the battery needs to be replaced when the runtime gets too short. In addition, the brush and filter must be changed regularly. It is supposed to be an appliance that saves time and effort, but it is a very troublesome appliance.

If you are thinking about buying a Roomba because you see it in commercials and it is becoming more affordable, beware. You should carefully examine whether or not you really need a Roomba in your life. From a minimalist point of view, one Makita stick vacuum cleaner is all you need. I seriously recommend this one.

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