Microchip collapses the Chinese economy! What?

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An outrageous article was published in Bloomberg.
I think that some people already know, but since it has not been reported anyhow in Japan somehow it diffuses.

No, really, this is bad.
It is dangerous to mix chlorine-based and oxygen-based detergents.

⇒ China, hacking to Amazon and Apple using microchip

<Pretty reasonable summary>

When Amazon checked the server, mysterious chips not found in the design were discovered.
The chip was made by a Chinese enterprise (super micro computer) and had the function of transmitting information to the outside.
It seems to have been embedded by the PLA agent.

Among the recent downturn in global stocks, I thought that the decline of Chinese stocks and high-tech stocks was particularly tough, but this may be the cause.
Especially since the announcement of this news and the crash of Amazon shares are overlapping, it is natural to think that there was an influence.

Amazon stock price crash chart

In short, the microchip is a physical virus that is charged at the manufacturing stage or the distribution stage.
Unlike ordinary computer viruses, since it is in the motherboard from the beginning, it seems difficult to disinfect it with antivirus software.

About 80% of the electronic equipment currently on the market contains some Chinese parts.
Spy chips may be included in the smartphone and PC you are using now.

Problems are more serious in Amazon, Apple, government agencies.
Machines that leak sensitive sensitive information can not be used very well.
Companies all over the world who knew the situation at this time may be checking their communications equipment in a hurry.

Although Amazon denies this case, truth is unknown because it can not be made public even if it is fact.
Even if it is perfectly fabricated, it seems to be “a Chinese company can do it”.
There are various kinds of preparations.

Laugh at Chinese Accidents

Credit is the biggest point in business.

“China (or a near emerging country) may have spyware on parts.”

If the perception is widened, global companies will withdraw funds in one stroke and close up the local factory.
Even if you say that labor costs are cheap, products with viruses can not be bought.

Antivirus computer

If overseas capital is raised from China, both the Shanghai market and the Hong Kong market are rough.
If the world factory, China, collapses, the United States and Japan are not unrelated.

No, from the recent weak stock we may have already begun to collapse.

After all there is no evidence that China has embedded spy chips, but that is not a problem.
What matters is that the market reacts sensitively to such remarks and moves stock and exchange rates.

Especially the current bubble economy is dangerous.
Since the bubble is like a bulging balloon, it easily bursts with a single needle stab.

Let’s remember that the bigger risks are lurking as the market conditions are better.







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