/CFD Stock Index Trade 2018/10/29

投稿日:2018年10月29日 更新日:

Hello everyone, this is the director’s KMA

It’s a K-suke for a researcher

Mr. K-suke , tell me the current situation,

Yes, the current position is

Nikkei 225 Selling Position

Germany DAX 30 selling position

US S & P 500 sales position

And we are

Yes, the market is still in an unstable situation

I wonder whether the trade war in the U.S. is influenced as well

But what about the Japanese market on Monday?

Yes, the Nikkei average dropped below last weekend

I see, today’s Nikkei 225 is a selling point, so let’s keep on selling position as it is

Yes, I understand

By the way, it seems that the city of Shibuya was supposed to be awesome due to the foolish struggle of Halloween in the weekend in Tokyo

It seems that, since I am a Buddhist, I do not care for Halloween, is not it smooth

Even Christmas gifts are just being bought because my daughter is looking forward to it

It seems to me that Halloween is using spin on such things as spinning pars

Is that so, but is not it a couple or something that you can dress up as a costume?

In that sense, I think that Halloween is a good excuse

you are stupid? I do not understand the meaning and it is exciting with disguise and what is fun?

I was told that the economic scale exceeded Valentine after being danced by the mass communication,

I do not believe I missed having to participate myself

It is the most wasteful thing to get on the mass communication

Is not it trashy, is it Halloween?

The director is a really boring person








株価指数CFDトレードはCFDが実際の株価指数と同じ価格をつけてくれないとバックテスト通りの結果が得られない その点からすると、GMOクリック証券は価格の乖離が大きく パフォーマンスに劣る部分があった …


断酒院座堕悪のトレード手法ココナラにて販売中! 「CFD株価指数のスイングトレードの手法を教えます」 当ブログで報告しているCFD株価指数トレードルールをレッスンしています 2019/06/25の売買 …

no image

今日はどっちだ?米国株値動き予想 2017/12/08

本日のS&P500・ダウ平均CFD値動き予想   DAX30の始値は13416.82    FTSE100の始値は7320.75   日本時間23:30に &nb …


限定記事のパスワードを変更いたしました 売りとも買いとも判断できない微妙な値動きでした S&P500もほとんど動かず 様子見として正解でしたね (*^-^*) トレード戦略と売買目線 チャート …

no image

株価指数トレード(SIT) 11月の結果

みなさんこんにちは、所長のKMAです 遅ればせながら、11月のトレード結果をまとめてみました buyの取引は「+」が利益「-」が損失 Sellの取引は「-」が利益「+」が損失 となります   日経22 …

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