【minimalism】How to Change Lifestyle and Review Fixed Costs


How to Change Lifestyle and Review Fixed Costs

Hello everyone.

This is k.m.a from the How to Increase Your Money channel!

In this channel, I, a former government employee, a full-time househusband, and now a part-time cram school teacher, will explain how I created 30 million yen in assets through FX investment and minimalism.

In order to save money, you must make your life a lifestyle in which you spend as little money as possible. What is absolutely necessary for this is to optimize your spending.

There are many money-saving techniques in the media, but the word “saving” sounds kind of stingy, doesn’t it? But when you say “optimize your spending,” I think it makes you feel positive, like you’re doing something good.

Even if you increase your income by working hard or investing, if you have too much money going out, you will not be able to save money. If there is an imbalance between income and expenses, money will not increase but rather decrease rapidly. If you want to increase your money, even just a little bit, you should review your fixed costs now to optimize your spending. Therefore, in this video, I will explain how to optimize your fixed costs, using my example.

1. utilities

First, let’s look at utilities. Utility costs are directly related to the comfort of life, so if you try to reduce them, your quality of life will deteriorate, you will not be able to enjoy a sense of happiness, and your work performance will decline. In particular, please note that forcing yourself to reduce heating and cooling expenses in summer and winter can be fatal. The best way to optimize spending on utilities without strain is to take a bath. The bath accounts for more than 50% of your monthly water and gas bill. Especially in winter, the water is colder and the gas bill is higher. Especially this year, with energy prices soaring, we expect to see more expenses due to gas than in previous years. The best way to reduce water and gas bills is to change the habit of taking a bath every day.

To begin with, is it necessary to take a bath every day? It seems that Japanese people are the only people in the world who fill their bathtubs with hot water and take a bath every day. If you think about it, taking a bath is a luxurious act. Even in countries where winters are as cold as in Japan, I doubt that there is any other ethnic group that takes a bath in a bathtub filled with hot water every day.

Our bathtub, which is probably of standard size, stores 120 liters of hot water per time. Taking a bath that consumes such a large amount of hot water every day is not an environmentally friendly practice, nor is it good for the family budget. Let’s take the plunge and shift to a shower-based lifestyle. If you really want to take a bath in a bathtub, you should take a bath once a week in summer and once every two to three days in winter.

Some people may say that taking a bath does not relieve fatigue, but although bathing is expected to promote blood circulation and relax the body, the act of bathing itself can also cause fatigue. Warming up your body before going to bed will lower the quality of your sleep, so it is not as simple as “taking a bath = getting tired”. Daily dirt can be sufficiently removed in the shower, and rather than taking a bath at night, it is better to take a shower to avoid raising your body temperature and to get a better quality sleep. If you want to reduce utility costs, showering is definitely the way to go.

2. telephone line

Unless you absolutely need it for work, cancel the landline phone. I cancelled my landline phone after six months of consideration. During that time, I received only one call on the landline. And the caller was a relative who only knew my landline number. If that relative had known my cell phone number, he would have called me on my cell phone, too, so in effect, our landline did not receive a single call in six months. A landline phone used for work is essential for generating profit, so it is not a negative factor, but if not, it is better to cancel the landline phone. Nowadays, each person has one cell phone line. A landline phone line, which costs nearly ¥3,000 per month, can generate enough money to pay for one person’s cell phone bill.

It is not necessary to sign up for a cell phone line from a major carrier. Try to sign up for a cheap SIM or a cheap plan from a major carrier. cheap plans from major carriers such as docomo’s ahamo, au’s povo, and softbank’s LINE mobile have the advantage of being easier to connect to than cheap SIMs. Rakuten Mobile offers unlimited calls for 3278 yen including tax. Personally, for those who make few phone calls, au povo, 12800 yen for 6 months 150GB plan is the best plan. For those who make many phone calls, Rakuten Mobile is recommended.

3. NHK subscription fee

Never have trouble watching NHK. Now, call the call center to cancel your subscription to NHK, which costs 2,015 yen per month since it is paid monthly with a satellite subscription of 2170 yen and 24,185 yen per month for 12 months in advance. This is the cost of a regular low-cost SIM phone for one person. It is a waste to pay this much every month for NHK, which I hardly ever watch. Unless you can’t live without watching the morning drama series, weekly Taiga dramas, Document 72 Hours, or the Kohaku Uta Gassen on New Year’s Eve, I think you should cancel your NHK subscription. However, if you have a TV in your house, you will be obligated to pay the NHK reception fee. If you do not want to pay the NHK reception fee, the next time you buy a new TV, you should buy a monitor that does not show NHK. You can get one at Don Quijote, DMM.make, etc. Recently, there has been a court ruling that allows the collection of NHK reception fees even from TVs used for car navigation systems, and NHK has begun full-fledged Internet business and is now charging for Internet access. Nevertheless, since it is virtually impossible to charge for the Internet and a smartphone is sufficient for car navigation, we recommend that you cancel NHK as much as possible. Having said that, we recommend that you subscribe to RADICO Premium instead. For 385 yen per month, you can listen to radio broadcasts from all over Japan as much as you want. Disaster information can also be received over the radio, and unlike television, the radio requires only your ears, making it a good medium to keep on while doing something.

4. subscription services

If you subscribe to subscription services that you don’t use very often, cancel them all. I use amazon prime, netflix, and radico premium, and I make full use of all of them. Since I love basketball, I also subscribe to Rakuten NBA which costs 19,800 yen per year. during the NBA season from November to June the following year, I watch NBA games almost every day. In addition to this, I once subscribed to a book subscription and a music subscription, but I cancelled them because I don’t use them as much as I pay for them.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is 980 yen/month, but to be honest, I don’t have any books I want to read. With this, I felt that PrimeReading, the unlimited reading service of amazon prime, was sufficient. Books that I really want to read are often new or minor books, so I end up having to buy them. Unlike videos, I can’t read 10 or 20 books every month, so it’s better to buy the books I want to read when I want to read them and read them slowly so I can get the full experience of the book. Moreover, unlike subs, the money goes to the person who wrote the book.

Music subs are similar to books for the same reason: I tried Amazon Music Unlimited, but in the end I only listen to certain songs. If that’s the case, you’re also supporting the artist by downloading and listening to the album rather than subscribing, which is of little benefit to the artist, and if you don’t want to buy the album, you can just rent a CD the old-fashioned way and dub it to your PC! It is.

Some people may be charged for YOUTUBE Premium because the ads are annoying, but if you want to watch YOUTUBE on your PC, you can do so comfortably without ads by installing an ad-blocker plug-in in your browser.

In conclusion, whether charging for subs is useless or not depends on how much a person uses the service. If you like books, the book subs will be enough to pay for itself, and the same is true if you like music. However, since the maximum amount of time a person can spend per day is limited to a maximum of 24 hours, those who subscribe to video, books, and music are probably wasting their money on some services. You should fully consider which subscriptions are necessary for you, and cancel any unnecessary subscriptions. Basically, it is safe to assume that you will never get your money back from a subscription, so cancel it immediately if you don’t use it more than once every two days.

What did you think? If you found this video informative and interesting, please subscribe to our channel and give us a high rating. We will continue to provide more and more information on how to increase your money with minimalism and FX on this channel. Let’s increase your money with minimalism and Forex. Thank you very much for watching. Good bye~!















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