【Minimalism】 If you save one million yen, you will have more and more money.


Some people may want to increase their money, but if they set a goal of tens or hundreds of millions of yen, the goal may seem endlessly far away. For such people, we recommend trying to save 1 million yen as a goal for now. You may think it is only 1 million yen, but just by saving 1 million yen, you will lose your money worries and make a big change in yourself.

One million yen is not a large amount of money when considered as a savings account. If you have 1,000,000 yen saved, you can live for 6 months, assuming that the monthly living expenses for a single person are 150,000 yen. Combined with unemployment insurance, it is possible to live for about one year. Even if you decide to change jobs because the job is not right for you, it is difficult to take the first step if you fear that you will have a hard time making ends meet as soon as you leave. If you have one million yen in savings, you can manage to live for six months. This will give you peace of mind and make it easier to take the next step until you find another job. In order to broaden your options, you should first create a one million yen savings account.

The second reason why you should save 1,000,000 yen is that it will give you peace of mind. Money is necessary for everything. If you have 1 million yen, you can cope with sudden expenses, and even if you lose your job in the worst case, you can survive for six months. 1 million yen in savings can play a role as a tranquilizer. If you have little savings and no room in your heart, you can only think about the short term, and you will only try to make a short-term profit. As a result, you may end up wasting money by buying things you don’t need just because they are reasonably priced, and you may end up always having no money before payday. With savings, you will be able to think in the long term, and although it may be difficult to raise children with 1 million yen, you will be able to think about your future, such as marriage. To live a happy life, it is essential to have a relaxed mind, and a certain amount of money is essential to have a relaxed mind. 1,000,000 yen is a milestone that will help you to have a relaxed mind.

The third reason why you should save 1 million yen is to experience success. 1 million yen is not a large amount of money to save, but it is not an easy amount to save. The fact that you have been able to save 1 million yen is proof that you have acquired the skills to save money. This successful experience will motivate you to optimize your spending even more as you experience the pleasure of knowing that you can do it. As a result, you will further reduce waste in your life, optimize your spending, and save money more easily. Once you have developed a constitution that makes it easier to save money, you will be able to make more and more money. The initial goal of 1 million yen will grow to 2 million yen, 5 million yen, 10 million yen, and so on. Even without investing, it is not difficult to create a savings account of 10 million yen once you are able to optimize your spending perfectly. In addition, as you become more optimized in your spending, you will be able to spend less and be more satisfied. People who lead a lifestyle that strives to optimize their spending on a regular basis will be able to feel happiness in even the smallest things. Such people will be able to live with small happiness every day in their daily lives, and they will be able to continue to live a life of increasing money. Because they do not waste money, they have a basic foundation for saving money. Moreover, you can lead a spiritually fulfilling and abundant life with less money. Once you have these two mindsets in place, your money will grow and grow. Once you achieve one million yen in savings, you will feel the urge to save more and more money; once you have the successful experience of having saved one million yen, you will feel the desire to avoid as much as possible that your savings fall below one million yen. Since you have already developed a lifestyle habit that makes it easy to save money, it is not so difficult to aim higher. In fact, you will be able to enjoy saving while having fun. In this sense, 1 million yen is both a goal and a starting point.

The fifth reason why you should save 1 million yen is that it will increase your credit. People’s trust in you will be completely different if you have 100,000 yen in savings than if you have 1,000,000 yen in savings; being able to save 1,000,000 yen proves that you have a strong sense of self-control and planning. I don’t think you should evaluate people based on the amount of money they have saved, but people who can’t save money can’t help but be thought of as people who don’t have a plan. They may spend money in a hedonistic way and give the impression that they will have a hard time for the rest of their lives if they date or get married. Although one million yen is not a large amount of money, if you are a single person with a decent job and cannot save one million yen, you may be suspected of having a fatal flaw in your character.

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